Sick and Triathlon Training


My body aches for a long run. Like at least a 10-miler. Weird, huh?

Well, I can happily say that I made it halfway through week 1. I suppose it was bound to happen. My Mom had said to me that she was worried I was going to get sick with everything I have going on right now. I, of course, scoffed this off and said that I was eating and exercising well, getting enough rest, and managing the crazy, frenzied schedule. I was good. I was golden.

That was until I woke up on Thursday morning.  The ugly sinus beast walked his way into my face. Headache, sinus pressure, coughing, and snot galore. I was supposed to do a 60-min cycle on Thursday, 1400-m swim + 35-min run on Friday, 60-min cycle on Saturday, and 1600-m swim + 40-min run today. Yes, I failed. Completely. The sinus beast had won.

On the flip side, I did manage to get in 2-miles of swimming, 10-miles of biking, and 7 miles of running at the front of the week.

Tomorrow marks week 2 of triathlon 70.3 training. Time to start anew. This week’s training plan looks like this.

  • Monday – Cycle (1 hour)
  • Wednesday – Tri Training Group @ the Y (5:45AM!) for Swim (1400m), Run (35-min)
  • Thursday – Cycle (1 hour)
  • Friday – Swim (1500-m), Run (35-min)
  • Saturday – Brick Workout: Bike (45-min) + Run (15-min)
  • Sunday – Swim (1700-m), Run (40-min)

They say it’s good to have a plan. I’ve given up 4 days to the sinus beast but tomorrow I press on through the challenge. It’s strange how your body starts to want for continuous physical activity. Like when I walk up and down my stairs, I swear my quads are screaming for me to run up and down them 20 times. But then reality hits, and I start coughing incessantly and bolt to grab a tissue before my leaky nose drops snot bombs on the floor.

Thank God the sinus beast hit early in triathlon training and not like the week of Ironman Raleigh 70.3. I find it really awesome that this is an inaugural half Ironman event and it’s my first too!! Serendipity!!

I get to swim 1.2 miles in Jordan Lake, bike 56-miles through Chatham and Wake Counties, and then a 13.1-mile run in Raleigh (where I’ll be deliriously giddy, with exhausted tears running down my face, to take in the sites by that point of the race – the NC State Campus, the Capital Building, Hillsborough Street, Meredith College, the NC Art Museum) before finishing at City Plaza.

So, for me, it’s time to move on from sick and back into triathlon training…c-ya after June 2nd, ugly sinus beast!


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