Gym Junkeez @ the Y


It’s so awesome! I’m turning my kids into gym junkeez! For Christmas this year, we decided to do a family gift of re-joining the YMCA of Central Virginia, which coincidentally has no joining fees going on right now. (In other words, a GREAT time to become a member).

This week alone we’ve been everyday and when we leave, they are begging for the next time they can come back. Secretly, I think they’ve memorized the Phelps Family Kidz Gym schedules. The kids have loved playing with all the different interactive stations they have, and Elise’s favorite is the Treadwall. She’s already said she wants one for Christmas next year. Maybe we’ll look into a monthly visit to Rise Up Climbing instead – ha!

Yesterday, they took a Tumbling Rookies class where they can learn basic tumbling moves like cartwheels and forward rolls. Today, it’s inflatable Friday!!

I love that they love to be active and play. It is so critical for us to have these outlets and I consider my family fortunate to belong to the Y. Not every family gets this amazing community asset to go to for social connectivity around physical fitness and activity. I mean, seriously, just last night alone I talked with 6 people I knew. Makes one feel good about the value of healthy living within the community.

It’s never too late to start get active. Take an encouragement from Elise (who is sad she can’t go to Kidz Zumba on Monday because we’ll be out of town), it’s cool to be gym junkeez!


Elise (age 6)
2012 OBX Little Giblet
1-Mile Fun Run


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