3 Days Left to Vision


It’s December 28th, which means there are only 3 days left of 2011. I remember starting this calendar year out thinking the end of it would never arrive, mostly because we were still in our “Journey to Joel.” It’s amazing what a year can do to one’s life. Shoot, it’s amazing what one day can do.

Certain words come to mind as I reflect on 2011 – diligence, persistence, relentless, intentional, faithfulness, stewardship.  I’d be curious to know your words too.  I look at these words and think about the vision that tells me who I am, where I am going in life, and what is guiding me on my journey. A solid vision will engage the hearts and minds of others.

2012 is already chock-full of plans. Here is the line-up of ideas and proposed vision:

  • Renovate and update the following rooms in the house: family room, laundry room, upstairs bathroom, girls’ room, boys’ room, and office/playroom.  (2013 will see a major overhaul of the kitchen and basement bedroom/bathroom!)
  • Run a half-marathon (March) and a full marathon (December).
  • Plant a garden and teach my kids about growing real food. Starting small, maybe 10×15, with some basic vegetables.
  • Plant an apple tree.
  • Get a chicken or two. (Still researching and contemplating this one. The kids are sold on this idea.)
  • Take a few trips – Atlanta, NYC, Baltimore, …maybe some others. Take my kids to explore this great world we live!
  • Finish PhD coursework and start my dissertation that will create positive social change!
  • For work, set the stage for the start-up of a full service grocery store and pharmacy/food co-op in downtown Lynchburg to eliminate the food desert, and further develop professional partnerships to push for public health policy, system, and environmental change in Central Virginia.

It looks a bit much but definitely achievable with the love and support of an amazing husband and kids, who get even more excited about the vision than I do. Having a vision (not just resolutions) is a statement to yourself and others that you want to make yourself a better person and the world a better place too. Most people would agree they want the world to be a better place, but I ask you how you’re going to do it? The way to make yourself and the world a better lace is through moment-by-moment decisions that align with your vision – consistency, accountability, innovation, creativity, sustainability. The view of the future is what keeps people going when times are tough, and it will prevent you or your vision from stopping short or arriving at the wrong destination.

So, what’s your vision for 2012? I pray it is purposeful and meaningful, not only to yourself, but to the world around you. You are a monument to the choices you have made over the course of your life – the good, the better, and the best – so embrace your values and draft your vision.  You’ve got 3 days left to vision so go to it – brainstorm, dream, and plan. Enjoy!


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