Joel in Hong Kong


We received an email from our social worker today due in part to Joel’s response to viewing our video and photo album recently.  He was happy when being introduced his Daddy and Mommy!!  He kissed the album and the screen of the monitor when seeing Daddy’s and Mommy’s faces.   He said “hi” to Quentin, Jasmine and Elise.  Joel was attentive to my story-telling; I read him 3 books.  He was excited to see the playground of Quentin’s school and appeared looking forward to playing there.  He pointed to the pumpkin immediately and named it when seeing it in the photo as he likes eating pumpkin.  Joel proudly posted the photo of Daddy and Mommy on his bed and told the caregivers and volunteers those on the photo are his Daddy and Mommy!  When asked what he would like Daddy and Mommy to do with him when meeting them, Joel said, “Read the book together!”  

This report just melts my heart and makes me wish to be with him now. Fortunately, I have a few distractions this month to keep me preoccupied – more on that later.

Joel continues to attend play therapy sessions weekly with a clinical psychologist.  Joel appears to be progessing very well in her sessions, and the psychologist is looking forward to sharing suggestions regarding the emotion and behaviour management of Joel. 

We are now in week 6 of 9-10 on waiting for the High Court Order. So almost there. Once the HCO comes through, we should be looking to travel within 10-14 days!!!  Hold on Joel, Mommy and Daddy are coming to get you soon 🙂


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  1. That is sofun to hear. It sounds like he is a smart little guy. I don’t think you will have any problems when you meet him! It is so great that he is old enough to understand you guys are coming and so proud of his pictures! Any day now it will be your turn! You will be in HK before you know it!

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