Friday Update from Hong Kong on Joel


Had to share the new news on Joel that we received today!!

He went for his visa medical appointment this week (a great sign things are moving along!) and he was very social, greeting the medical staff in the clinic warmly. He took the initiative to communicate with others and said “thank you” when being helped.  He was nervous because of the new setting and became upset when he heard that he would be getting some shots. His social worker told him to talk through his anxiety and he did! He relaxed while playing with some toys at the clinic, especially while drawing on the “magic board.” He drew a bus, a smiling face, and wrote his name, “Joel!”  With some prompting, he followed directions and was given a reward after his shots.

And here’s the kicker:

When being shown with how (the toys) a Mommy Giraffe kissed a baby Giraffe, Joel smiled.  He then pointed at the Mommy Giraffe and said “Mommy” and pointed at the baby Giraffe and said “Joel”.

AHH! Come on, Hong Kong High Court!!! Please sign the placement order, pretty please!

He enjoyed the appointment so much, and sang “the wheels on the bus” when riding in the taxi back to Wee Care.  In the past two months, Joel enjoyed general good health condition.  He had got a chalazion on his left upper eye lid and it was surgically removed on May 31, 2011.

We received new photos and updated medical reports, but I love how the email opened,

“Please share with the Hoglund family.  I’m sure they’ll love hearing about their son, not to mention the pictures of handsome little Joel attached!”

Did you see that? “THEIR” son.  My heart can barely stand the excitement of knowing that in potentially 8-9 weeks, we could finally be meeting our son!

Keep praying for Joel and our family. We have a little more to go to raise for travel expenses, and if you feel so led, please mail contributions to:

Bethany Christian Services
ATTN: Linda Galien
901 Eastern Avenue Northeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0294
Check Memo: “Todd and Leslie Hoglund Account”

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  1. That is so exciting to hear that he did so well. He is a bright little guy! I can’t wait until you get to go and get him. Definately time for him to come home. We loved HK and MC so much that we are starting the process again to bring another one home! I look forward to updates and new pictures from HK too! Good luck, won’t be much longer now!

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