Crazy, Creative, Bald and Free


My Three Creative, Crazy Kids

Several times each month, I shut the pretty colored box off and tell my kids to go get creative and silly. It inevitably turns into a wild time of dress-up, charades, acting, and spoofs. They devise plots and scenery and prompt each other when they forget their lines.

I love the fact that my kids love each other, and they actually want to play with each other.

The theme of the night was about bank robbers and being in disguise. Because if you walked into a bank and demanded money looking like these three, you’d never be noticed! Still, I applaud their efforts and creativity which are both inspiring and exciting! You truly never know what you’re going to get.

(And now before anyone bellyaches, yes, I let the kids play with “play” guns. They know the difference and Elise wants you to know that she “was hunting deer” – it’s true, see.)

Deer in My Backyard

Now, I don’t know what being bank robbers in disguise and hunting deer have in common, but to them, they get it…and it’s hilarious! The kids know how to get a laugh and it’s usually in the subtle things the do. Like when Jasmine puts her sunglasses on upside down.

Poor sweet thing’s nose just doesn’t hold them up very well. One minor inconvenience with having Down syndrome. Still, she takes it in stride and says “who cares” and begs her own fashion statement.

Jasmine and her Sunglasses

Jasmine is starting to realize and tell people she has “allo-peasha” or alopecia as it’s called. She is quick to correct other kids and spectating eyes that she has “hair in the back.” It’s become somewhat comical as of late and is determined to set people straight as if everyone knows what alopecia is. She has a wig that she refuses to wear (See the top of Quentin’s head in the top picture for said wig) – says it makes her head hot and itchy. I love her boldness in owning the fact she has Down syndrome and alopecia…makes me wish I could own my “issues” better. Makes me wish I could turn off the mediocrity of life and play in a crazy, creative way. I’m sure my boss would love that 🙂

I think a desire to pretend lies within all of us – but something I’ve learned from my crazy, creative kids is that it’s far more important to own who you are and commit to the honesty of life.


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