Better Choices Guided by the Rules of Zombieland


I don’t know how many times each week I find myself saying, “You need to make better choices,” to my kids. Jasmine’s affinity for touching other people or taking their things. Elise’s tendency to whine and baby-talk everything she says. Quentin’s misplacement of books, toys, and papers. I even find myself thinking this way toward Todd when I discover, through a panicked phone call, that he can’t find his keys and I locate them sitting where he left them on Jasmine’s car seat.

So then how often do I direct this question to myself?

I don’t touch other people or take their things…normally. I don’t whine or baby-talk… unless I think it’ll get me what I want. I don’t misplace things…well, okay, yes I do. So why do I get all bent out of shape when my kids and husband “need to make better choices.” I know I need to make better choices too, and made one today.

I know when I get to Hong Kong, I am going to be doing a lot of walking. I’m sort of preparing myself with the Rules of Zombieland:

#1 – Cardio
#2 – The Double Tap
#3 – Beware of Bathrooms
#4 – Seatbelts
#6 – The Skillet
#7 – Travel Light
#8 – Get A Kickass Partner
#12 – Bounty Paper Towels
#15 – Bowling Ball
#17 – Don’t Be A Hero
#18 – Limber Up
#21 – Avoid Strip Clubs
#22 – When In Doubt, Know Your Way Out
#29 – The Buddy System
#31 – Check The Back Seat
#32 – Enjoy The Little Things
#33 – Swiss Army Knife

While I realize that not all the rules apply to preparing for a trip to Hong Kong (because they are not zombies), I have choices to make and so I propose the Rules of Adoption in Hong Kong:

#1. Cardio – Ran a mile today (had planned on 2 miles) but the heat drained me. I need to be in better shape prior to hitting the mega-hills of Hong Kong. Todd rode the bike for a bit…got to be ready and cardio is the way to prepare.

#2. Double Tap – While we are not shooting at anyone, this applies. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.  Doubling up our efforts are going to be handy when we travel – bring 2 of everything!

#3. Beware of Bathrooms – I think this applies everywhere, just not in Hong Kong. Hand sanitizer is our friend.

#4. Seatbelts – I have heard (through Todd and my Dad) that the taxis in Hong Kong are a near-death experience. I plan to use a seatbelt.

#7. Travel Light – I’m the QUEEN at traveling light. I am prepared to bring a carry on backpack…and.that’  Todd’s packing skills were fine-tuned when he worked at UPS in college.

#8. Get a Kickass Partner – Yep, I’d have to agree. Thank God for Todd. He’s pretty kickass.

#17. Don’t be a Hero – Foreign land. See next rule.

#22. When in doubt, know your way out. – Must identify all exits and routes of escape. In other words, be knowledgeable about where we are and where we’re going. Don’t depend on others to always be helpful. Rule #8 helps increase the likelihood that this rule is achievable. Kickass partners rock!


#32. Enjoy the Little Things. Some of the little things I can’t wait to enjoy in Hong Kong include walking into Mother’s Choice for the first time, seeing Joel playing, his first night with us in the hotel room, cuddling with him, praying with him…my heart can’t wait!!

Make good choices so you can enjoy the little things, and remember the rules of Zombieland adoption in Hong Kong!


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