Mother’s Day is a fine day to start a blog.


I have been told all along this adoption road to start a blog. Because people are interested in our story. I often find this hard to accept because I don’t normally feel special about my life or the path that God has asked us to pursue. I am beginning to see there is value in sharing one’s story – maybe not exclusively through a blog – and want to bring our joy into a greater light. So, it is now with pleasure that I establish a blog.

Mother’s Day. A commercialized day set aside to honor and remember the Moms of the world. I don’t believe in the day as a means of getting things, but as a day to fully, loyally devote to my children. My kids are amazing and funny. Quentin learned tonight that a baby shower isn’t a viewing of the baby being born and bathed. Jasmine is a mess of bad choices when she doesn’t get her nap, but will cuddle right up to you with a wink of an eye. Elise is self-proclaimed diva with a bit of confidence issue. I love the conundrums of personality that each of them carries.

And then, there is Joel. So far away in Hong Kong. I will have so much to learn about him once he comes home and I hope to share it here on this blog. Being his Mom hit me the other night while taping a video that we have to send to the orphanage so he can begin to learn about us and who we are. I decided to read him some books about love and family, and it felt a little awkward to say, “Hi, Joel! I’m your Mommy!”  Seems a little superficial at the moment since all we have are a few pictures of him.

I know time will quickly erase these distant feelings and create an instant bond of heart. I am convinced that being a Mom happens instantaneously upon first sight. I remember laying my eyes on all three of my beautiful children for the first time. Being at Dulles Intl. Airport at 2:00 a.m. to greet Todd and my Dad off the plane with Jasmine. She didn’t want to come to me at first and needed a little coaxing, but I will never forget the first time she thrust her arms out to me to hold her as we waited for the luggage to come around the carousel.

So on this Mother’s Day, I reflect gratefully with a heart full of humility for what God has given me through my children, and I longing look forward to the day when Joel calls me Mom.


About kdsrock

I am a wife to an amazing man, mother to four sweet kids (2 boys/2 girls, 2 bio/2 adopted), member of Brentwood Church, full-time public health professional with the Virginia Department of Health, and Ph.D. candidiate via Walden University.

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